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Massage Services

Standard Massage

½ Hour Massage   

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Relaxing massage for ½ of the body such as head, neck, back, legs and feet or more therapeutic concentration for the neck and back only or the legs and feet. A heated moist towel for the back is included.


Neck and Shoulder Massage

1 Hour Massage   

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Relaxing massage for the whole body.  One or two areas of pain or stress can be concentrated on, if needed, and still receive a full-body, soothing massage. Heated moist towels for the back, neck and face are included.


Back Massage

1½ Hour Massage   

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Ideal massage time which includes deep relaxation massage with sufficient time to address areas of pain and stress. It is the most detailed and fully soothing massage due to the extra time taken.  Heated moist towels are included for the back, neck and face.



Specialty Massage

 Deluxe Aromatherapy Massage   

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Price includes 10 min. foot spa

Relax by pampering your feet in a heated foot spa while enjoying an herbal tea. Your feet will then be dried and moisturized with a rich body butter. A soothing, scented massage follows with a choice of essential oils that will further calm and soothe away stress and tension.

½ hr: $55
1 hr: $100

Oil Massage

Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage


Enjoy a slow, easy one-hour massage using smooth, heated lava stones to warm and relax tight, tired muscles. Heated stones will also be placed on the palms of your hands, in between your toes, on your abdomen and underneath your back. This is a deeply pampering and sedating treatment.

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Reflexology - Peace for the Sole


Soak your feet in a heated foot spa while sipping a soothing beverage. Your feet will be dried and moisturized with a rich, heated body butter. You will then enjoy a half-hour of relaxation on a heated table as your feet are massaged and pressed to improve circulation and decrease stress.

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