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Hair Removal / Waxing

As waxing specialists we offer the finest quality and hypoallergenic waxes. we use few different kind of waxes depending on your skin and hair type which guarantees a more satisfying wax service. our waxes are heated at a low temperature, so it's less sticky, and contain anti-irritants. As a result , you enjoy a more comfortable waxing experience, with smooth skin and less irritation.


 Here are some waxing tips to make your waxing procedure easier! 

  • Take ibuprofen at least 20 minutes beforehand if allowed by your doctor, to help dull your pain receptors

  • Limit your caffeine intake on the day of your waxing as it can stimulate the nervous system

  • For our female clients, try to schedule your appointment within the first two weeks after your cycle has ended

  • To get the best results, we need your hair to be at least one-fourth of an inch long. This is an average of 1-2 weeks of growth.

  • Some products that are contraindicated for waxing are:

  • Accutane, Retin-A, Glycolic Acid, Alpha hydroxy Acid, Tazorac, Pro Active, Renova, Avage, Strivectin, Differin


To get the best results, we need your hair to be at least one-fourth of an inch long. This is an average of 1-2 weeks of growth. 

If you do not wax your hair at all, please trim hair to about quarter of an inch length. The longer the hair is, the greater the chance of unnecessary pain,.

Do not apply self tanner, moisturizer, and Do not go to the tanning booth or suna prior to your waxing services.


Start exfoliating as soon as it is comfortable to do so or when tenderness subsides. To prevent ingrown hairs you may simply use a warm, damp washcloth or exfoliating gloves with the use of some exfoilating products that contains salicylic acid or glycolic.

Here are some of the differences between our bikini waxing procedures:

Classic Bikini: This bikini waxing removes the hair on your bikini line only, anything more will be extra.

Brazilian : This bikini waxing removes all the hair. Everything is waxed front to back. This bikini waxing starts from sides and going in and down, in small sections.

The Runway :: Everything is waxed front to back, but a strip is left straight down the middle. This biking waxing is perfect for anyone not wanting it all gone.


Back Wax
$35- $45
Full Leg
Upper Leg
Lower Leg
Under Arm
Full Arm
Face Wax
Chin & upper lip
Bikini Wax
$25 & Up
Eyebrow Wax/shaping

We Know What Your Skin Needs

At Skin Renewal, we have the skill and products to handle all skin types. Whether your dealing with acne, wrinkles or dry skin, trust us to handle all your skin needs. 

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23121 Verdugo Drive, Suite 104,

Laguna Hills, CA 92653

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